Amazing Gracie – beautiful Amazing Grace perfume fragrance

Almond Crème – almond and a hint of cherry

Cucumber Mint – Clean light fragrance combining cucumber and spearmint

Honeydew Melon – smells like a summer fruit salad

Lavender – lavender with a touch of lemongrass

Lavender – Vanilla – a blend of vanilla & lavender

Lilac Blush – real lilac fragrance

Mimosa & Mandarin – smells like an orange creamsicle

Sandalwood – sandalwood and amber

Lemongrass – lemongrass & orange notes

Black Current Tea – black current, tea, bergamot

White Tea & Berries – tea, raspberries, black berries & vanilla

Rosemary Mint – Aveda fragrance

Salty Sea Air -smells like ocean beach- salty sea spray, driftwood and hint of jasmine

Smokie Embers – a real bonfire smell

Vanilla Bean – rich vanilla

Unscented – unscented

Sage – clean, fresh sage

Basil, Sage & Mint – refreshing fragrance of basal, sage and light mint

Blackberry Sage – orange, crushed blackberry, strawberry, fresh sage

Oakmoss Sage – oakmoss & sage woodsy fragrance
White Sage – light fresh, earthy sage

Sage & Eucalyptus – Sage with after note of eucalyptus

Cinnamon Stick – natural cinnamon

Apple Harvest – rich apple, clove & cinnamon

Amish Quilt – vanilla & cinnamon

Fraser Fir – traditional Christmas tree

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