Hi, my name is Julie Divinski and I make small batches of hand-poured soy candles in my St. Paul, Minnesota kitchen.  Thanks for your interest in my soy candles and visiting my website. 


My story began in 2014 by making small batches of soy candles in my kitchen to share with family and  friends.  I enjoyed my hobby and turned my passion for candles into a full-time job in 2019.


I'm always looking for new fragrances to try too. If you have a favorite scent that you would like to see in a soy candle, drop me a email and I'll do some research to locate it for you.  

My soy candles are made with USA produced soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oils which are infused with essential oils, and 100% cotton wicks. I pour into 4 ounce jars,  8 ounce square mason jars, and tealights that are sold in 6 pack sets. Do you have a favorite candle container that you would like to have filled?  Send me a picture and I'll let you know if I'm able to help you. 


Have I mentioned how much I love soy candles? Here are the facts: my 8 ounce mason jars burn approximately 45 hours and my tea lights burn a crazy amount of hours which is between 5 - 8 hours each. My soy candles burn very clean with no worry of black soot on your walls or inside the containers. A gentle reminder to occasionally trim the wick inside the containers and you too will love the beauty of soy wax.    

Thank you so much for supporting my small business!

UPDATE:  July 1, 2020 - I'm updating the size of my square mason jars to sell as an 8 ounce square mason jar. Thanks for understanding.